Thanksgiving is a holiday that is primarily celebrated in North America and is recognized as a day of celebrating and being grateful for everything that’s good in our lives.

We enjoy working on all types of content at BTI and have provided dubbing and subtitling for some great sitcoms over the years. Today we’re sharing our top 5 Thanksgiving episodes that cover all the common and hilarious aspects of this turkey eating holiday.

That 70s Show – Season 5, Episode 8

A classic comedy following the lives of teenagers living in the 70s in the middle-of-nowhere in Wisconsin. This episode has all the ingredients for a messy family Thanksgiving. Eric and Donna have a surprise to announce to their family and friends, but are interrupted by Kelso’s awkward date accidentally revealing a secret that Eric was trying to hide from his hot-headed father. Kitty has to deal with her mother who still isn’t giving her the recognition she is constantly after.

New Girl – Season 2, Episode 8

A comedy centered around three guys and one quirky girl who share an apartment. This Thanksgiving episode follows Jess’ plan to try to “parent trap” her folks, Schmidt and his cousin having a competition to prove who the bigger man is, and awkward flirtations and kisses. If Thanksgiving isn’t filled with hilarious schemes and awkward moments, is it even a family holiday?

FRIENDS – Season 8, Episode 9

Who doesn’t love FRIENDS? In this Thanksgiving episode, Monica invites the usual gang to her apartment for dinner as well as an old friend from high school, Will (played by Brad Pitt). He reveals that he and Ross were part of an “I hate Rachel” club. During this episode Will discloses how they spread a rumor in high school that Rachel was a hermaphrodite and Joey tries to eat an entire turkey by himself. When a friendly get together gets hilariously messy, you know it will be one for the memories.

Modern Family – Season 6, Episode 8

Without a doubt, one of the best Thanksgiving episodes is this Modern Family classic. Phil decides to cook the Thanksgiving dinner with Luke acting as sous chef. Claire, who has issues with control, prepares a secret turkey as she has no confidence in their culinary skills. Gloria and Jay were planning to go away over Thanksgiving, but their trip is canceled at the last minute. Mitch forces Cameron to confront Lily when she refuses to wear a nice dress for Thanksgiving dinner. A fun family Thanksgiving that gives a glimpse into what a modern family goes through on big holidays.

How I Met Your Mother – Season 3, Episode 9

A fun comedy that follows the lives of 5 close friends living in New York City. This Thanksgiving episode debuts the official Slap Bet song, “You Just Got Slapped.” Barney spends the entirety of Thanksgiving stressing out about Marshall’s countdown to the next slap; a deal that started weeks before when Barney lost a bet to Marshall, giving him the right to slap him 5 times at any time he sees fit. And Ted and Robin try to make their friendship work after ending their romantic relationship. So a Thanksgiving holiday isn’t complete without awkward moments between exes and weird bets between friends.

We love how international we are at BTI Studios, and from our 25 facilities worldwide we can experience the various holidays associated with all of the different cultures. Thanksgiving is definitely one of our favorite traditions.