If you are looking for new travel destinations, look no further!

We’ve shortlisted our top 5 travel destinations based on famous movies.

Miami – Moonlight

Miami is more than just beaches. Moonlight was filmed in an area of Miami that is rarely visited by tourists. Much of the movie is filmed in a community called Liberty City, a neighborhood that is historically referred to as “Model City” and home to the beautiful Liberty City Mural that features the beloved Martin Luther King Jr. Movie buffs can also visit Jimmy’s Eastside Diner, the location of the film’s emotional ending reunion scene.

Adelaide, Australia – The Babadook

This horror flick is filmed in Adelaide, Australia. Adelaide is South Australia’s cosmopolitan coastal capital and is a gateway to some of Australia’s best wine varieties as well as historic buildings, lush parklands and some of the country’s top beaches. So when you are not exploring the beaches, take a walk through the streets of Adelaide where the film crews shot the suburban thriller.

London – A Hard Day’s Night

This 1960s hit was shot in swinging London, a city famous for its history, pubs, iconic buildings, and panoramic views. So even if you have already been to London, make sure the next trip includes visits to hotspots such as Les Ambassadeurs Club and the river Thames, where The Beatles ran along to places like La Scala theatre, Marylebone Station and through the gates of Notting Hill in the movie.

Alabama – Get Out

This thriller is shot in Alabama. It’s filmed in a town called Fairhope that is located off the beaten track. It’s not only known for its beautiful cliffs and shoreline, but it was also named Best Small Town in the South by the magazine Southern Living! When you are there, make sure you visit the parental home featured in the movie, which is located on Heathcroft Lane. Rumor has it that it is haunted.

Guatemala – Star Wars

Guatemala’s Tikal National Park is where the Massassi Outpost rebel base on the fourth moon of Yavin in the original Star Wars film was shot. Guatemala offers beautiful destinations such as their rainforests, Lake Atitlan and Semuc Champey. And while you are there make sure you visit the ancient Mayan ruins and citadel where they filmed the famous original Star Wars scene!

At BTI Studios we love providing high-quality localization services so that everyone can enjoy different films. With our 21 local facilities located globally, we are always able to provide our clients with the best service no matter where they are. And we will be sure to visit the places listed above, especially Miami and Alabama where “Moonlight” and “Get Out” were filmed since we provided these Academy Award winners with audio description and SDH subtitles!