We produce over 30,000 hours of dubbing every year. In time, on time, every time.


We employ over 500+ in-house staff, across our 24 global offices and work with over 4,000 language translators subtitling into more than 80 languages.


We are experts in providing video description and subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH). With over 20 years' experience in access services.


Our specialized multimedia localization team are on hand to manage your corporate, training and e-learning content.


The process of localizing a film's dialogue into another language. Sounds complicated? With many years of experience, our creative and talented teams are dedicated to bringing your content to life for audiences all over the world

Local Knowledge – Global Efficiency

BTI Studios is a growing company, continually adding more studios as we expand globally. Owning and operating 24 dubbing studios around the world means that we can provide clients with high-quality dubbed versions in any language while ensuring their content is secure. We help guide creative decisions and provide quality control locally to guarantee a perfectly localized dub. We work with the best voice talents in the industry to ensure your content will shine in any language.

Creating a New Original

We see dubbing as the art of bringing your content to life for audiences in new territories, creating a new translated dub track that perfectly reflects the original. Let’s go into detail