Cardiff is the capital of Wales, located on the south coast. It has a beautiful waterfront area and is home to one of BTI Studios’ UK offices.

Our Cardiff facility was established in 1985 as Trosol, was later acquired by BTI Studios in 2013 and has since diversified to become Wales’s leading provider of written translation, simultaneous translation, subtitling, and other language services.

Unlike some of our bigger facilities, the BTI Studios Cardiff office consists of a humble team of 10 people. Despite our small size, together we are an efficient and effective team. This is thanks to our dedicated staff members who sometimes work up to 12 hours a day to make sure we deliver the best-quality work. This allows us to be ready to handle any last-minute projects that might come our way.

The focus of the Cardiff office is English subtitling for audiences who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Our main client is Viacom, which means that we receive a lot of reality TV, comedy shows and music programs. With the rise social media and video advertisements, we also provide subtitling for adverts and short clips on social media platforms.

Since the Cardiff team is small in size, our office consists of a room where all the team members work and a small kitchen that is often filled with a variety of snacks, which the team loves. The overall atmosphere of the office is quiet and relaxed, and all the staff members work really well together. When we have time, we love hosting office sweepstakes and celebrating each other’s birthdays with cakes.

At BTI Studios, we are proud to have such a dedicated team of hard-working people who have helped us forge a formidable reputation for always delivering high-quality localization services. Thanks to our passion for the localization industry, we will continue to grow globally and offer our clients excellent end-to-end solutions to their versioning needs on any platform.