BTI Studios Burbank is proud to announce the successful completion of the Dolby Atmos Studio Certification program – the industry-standard mark of technical excellence for the creation of Dolby Atmos content for Home Entertainment.

Factors such as room geometry, room acoustics, speaker positioning and electroacoustic performance, mix equipment, and Dolby Atmos rendering solutions to ensure the room is configured, tuned and gain staged for optimum performance.

Launched in June, BTI Burbank is honored to have its recording studios swiftly acknowledged and awarded with the Dolby Atmos Studio Certification.

Designed by Jerry Steckling of JSX Audio and outfitted by AID, Inc. the 9.1.4 Atmos mixing environment is part of the recently unveiled dubbing & mixing production located in the heart of Burbank just across from Warner Bros. Studios, down the street from The Walt Disney Studios and just a few blocks from Universal Studios.