With accessibility requirements increasing and non-English dialogue films and series gaining traction, subtitles are becoming more popular with viewers all over the world.
As a company producing subtitling in 80+ language combinations, we are big fans of subtitles and wanted to share our top reasons for watching subtitled movies.
  1. Accessibility for people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing
Broadcasters and platforms are increasingly acknowledging the need to make their content accessible for the growing audience of people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. Providing subtitles that include sound effects and speaker identification is a must to ensure content is being shown in an inclusive way
  1. Never miss a word
Have you ever wanted to watch a movie at a busy airport or in a quiet café and realized you didn’t have headphones? This is when subtitles come in to save the day! Subtitles allow you to watch a movie at a busy airport when it might be difficult to hear or watch a movie in a café without disturbing those around you if you have left your headphones at home. Subtitles also allow you to catch some words that you might have missed, even when you can hear the dialogue.
  1. Understanding foreign accents and slang
Foreign films are filled with their respective language’s culture, slang, and accents. This can make it difficult for a viewer from a different country to understand what is being said if they are not familiar with the accent or slang words used. This is when subtitles are useful as they help viewers keep up with what is being said.
  1. Education in the form of entertainment
With all the ways a person can learn a new language, watching movies or TV series with subtitles has always been one of the most common and fun learning tools. Subtitles allow viewers to learn a new language by showing how certain words and sayings are used. Sometimes watching a movie in your own language with the subtitles on can be beneficial because it sharpens spelling skills since spelling and pronunciation can differ.
At BTI Studios we love subtitles and the benefits they offer our viewers. We are so lucky to have such great subtitling and closed captioning teams located all over the world with a true passion for what they do. Having 25 local facilities globally allows us to offer our clients not only high-quality subtitling services but also dubbing, voiceover and audio description in any language.