Working as a Dubbing Director can bring equal delights and challenges, and never more so than when child voice talents are involved.

We spoke to some of our Dubbing Directors across our 25 studios globally to explore the common challenges that dubbing with child talents can pose.


  1. Patience is a Virtue

Sometimes at BTI we work with young child actors who may not be able to read very well or speak fast enough. Even if they can read, they may not always understand the meaning of the line right away. It’s important to have patience when working with kids. Taking time to explain the context of the line and to rehearse it a few times before recording really helps them give their best performance.


  1. Build Confidence

All of us want to be recognized and appreciated. People might think actors are the most confident people, but even they have days where their ego is fragile. The same goes for our child talents. Offering them praise and encouragement throughout the recording can really help them to shine.


  1. Keep it Fun

We all understand how hard it is to pay attention these days, and kids (generally) have shorter attention spans than adults. All our dubbing directors who work with kids are committed to making dubbing fun for them, so it feels like play rather than work. We provide toys and snacks for our child talents to enjoy in their regular breaks to help them stay focused when they’re in the studio.


  1. Keep it Real

The pace of the entertainment industry is giving the Roadrunner a run for his money, which can put dubbing processes under immense pressure.  At BTI it’s our priority to make sure that kids don’t feel this pressure on their young shoulders. Sometimes this includes being firm with enthusiastic parents! We limit the working hours of our child talents and work closely as a team when quoting turnaround times to make sure productions involving kids have achievable deadlines.


  1. Make Friends

It’s important for kids to feel supported in what they do. Our Directors build trust with child talents by respecting them as people and taking an interest in what’s going on in their lives. It’s a fine balance of meeting kids on their level without patronizing them – a skill that comes from years of experience working with kids!

We love working with child talents and helping them tap into their creativity and develop their skills whilst keeping recording fun. Whether it’s animation, drama or comedy, our Dubbing Directors have the expertise to help voice talents bring your content to life in new languages. Contact us for further information.